The Floortime Center


Every year, especially around the holidays, friends and family ask how they can support our many families and our program.  Until now we haven’t had a way for them to contribute.

The Support a Floortime Family Program allows family members and friends of the community to gift sessions or even pay for part of our intensive programs for a family or even a group of kids.

How it works is simple.  If you are interested in supporting a family or a group, then contact us and let us know how much you would like to give and where those funds should be allocated.  Your full gift will only be applied to the family or program of your choosing.

These gifts can be anonymous or we can notify the family, it’s up to you.


Contact Jake or Tim
Call (301) 657-1130

Unfortunately, this cannot be considered a donation, and we will not be able to give any tax deduction forms.