The Floortime Center

Rapid Prompt Method (RPM) at The Floortime Center® in Bethesda and Northern Virginia

RPM (Rapid Prompt Method) is s type of augmented communication that is designed to help children who struggle expressing ideas verbally with a way to express simple and complex ideas through typing and spelling.

RPM teaches communication, can be used to teach academics, and can be used within therapy sessions.  The focus of every RPM lesson is designed to activate the left side of the brain, where language, math, and reasoning live, so that the student becomes focused and engaged by the learning process.  Initially this involves teaching the student to work around some of the limiting and distracting fine-motor requirements of traditional verbal and written expression.  As a child’s cognitive and gross motor proficiency increases, the sophistication of a child’s response and consistency also improves, as well as their confidence.

In the beginning RPM uses prompting to initiate a child’s independent response, without physical support. In addition to teaching letter-chart pointing, RPM also utilizes stencils and other drawing exercises to lead to independent typing or handwriting.

To combine The Greenspan Floortime Approach® with RPM we follow the child’s interests, establishing high levels of motivation, and use specific questions associated with challenging and expanding within The Greenspan Floortime Approach®.  By following a child’s interest we are able get a fully and actively participating student, and can gradually expand their communication around their opinions, experiences, and ideas.  This is all necessary to achieve high levels of neuroplasticity, and establish long term learning.

By helping students truly express themselves and giving them a tool to use in public, they are more able socialize and navigate the complex world around them.