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The Challenging Child Program (Behavior Difficulties)

The Challenging Child Program (Behavior Difficulties)

This program is designed to help children be calm, decrease impulsivity and reactions, decrease aggression, improve self control, and strengthen a child’s self confidence and sense of self.  By working on the roots of behaviors, the sensory system and the emotions, we can help children improve their behavior without implementing punitive and rigid behavior systems which can have negative side effects.

This program can include,

Parent training/coaching – to help create consistency and proportional parental responses at home while helping identify the right emotional feedback for each parent to be providing.
Occupational Therapy– to decrease sensitivities and seeking while improving processing
Visual-Cognitive Therapy – to improve a child’s sense of their environment, and their ability to think and plan ahead using mental imagery.
Social Groups– to help develop peer relationships, learn to compromise and be flexible, and understand how to negotiate disagreements and other challenging peer situations

All of these services are performed with a common integrating set of goals for optimal results.  Each therapist will additionally have their own goals, based on their field of expertise.  When a child is being supported with an integrated program the results are comprehensive and generalized.