The Floortime Center

Caregiver Expectations

The Floortime Center understands that families are busy and have many responsibilities. However, we also recognize that encouraging a child to develop, and grow, and “change” ofter requires growth and change on the caregiver’s part.   At the start, the adjustments we ask parents to make may take time and energy to implement, but they are intended to save families time and energy in the long run.  As most of the doctors who refer families to us say to them, “it (floortime) works if If you do it”.

Here are some of the things we may ask you to do in order to achieve the above-average success that our program has the potential to achieve.

Parent Involvement 

  • All children need caregiver interactions early in life. The World Health Organization (WHO) found that these early play-based experiences are necessary to help children develop and meet their ‘milestones’, especially the social-emotional skills necessary for survivability.
  • We recommend a minimum of one 30 minute child-directed play session with each parent separately is necessary each day.
  • For optimal results, a total of six 30 minute sessions should be provided throughout the day.  These can be done within a variety of meaningful relationships; babysitters, therapists, older siblings, etc.

Transitions (especially too and from the center)

  • It is helpful for you to prepare your child ahead of time for what is to come.  If they can answer questions, then ask them what they expect and to share their plan with you.  If they can’t answer questions or talk, then share with them some of the broad expectations of what is about to happen. 
  • Once at the office, it is best to keep this transition as brief as possible so we can be proactive in establishing the fun activities for the day! If you could wait outside and have a brief handoff of things to us before he enters that would be really helpful in ensuring a smooth transition before he gets past us to run. 
  • If there is anything you would like us to know about that day, or the days prior, then please send the team an email so that we can be in the loop.  Using the time at drop-off or pick-up to discuss your child with their therapist can lead to them developing transition problems, or exacerbating existing ones.
  • Parents are permitted to participate in coaching sessions with one of the directors, Jake or Tim, and are able to observe the first 1-2 season with a new therapist.

Digital Media (TV, Phones, Ipads, Computers, etc)

  • Access to these should be limited, especially for children who struggle with building relationships with other people.
  • For every 15 minutes on a screen, an additional 20 minutes of caregiver floortime is recommended.

Challenging behaviors