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July 12th 6:30-8pm

More Dates Coming Soon!

Jake Greenspan or Tim Bleecker will present,

  -Helping the Whole Child Part 1: Understanding Your Child and The Importance of Thinking, Communication, and Relationships, (with Supporting Neuro-Plasticity Evidence)


(Not available 7/12)  Jiselle Velazquez (Head Occupational Therapist) will present,

  -Helping the Whole Child Part 2: Understanding how the Sensory and Emotional Systems “drive” Behavior, and How to Improve Behavior by Focusing on Communication, Self-Control, and Emotional Health

Dyan Spruill (Head Speech and Langauge Pathologist) will present,

  -Helping the Whole Child Part 3: How to Improve Communication by Focusing on Building Relationships, Understanding and Creating Social Patterns, and Learning to Think in a Flexible and Creative Manner (instead of Repeating and Memorizing)

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